Tegwin Matenaer
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Tegwin Matenaer

Escape into a world of beauty, passion, and drama created by artist Tegwin Matenaer. In her works, a viewer enters a world where earth, sky, and water exchange the very essence of life itself. One feels the very light dancing through the trees and the wind as it roars or silently touches in passing. Subtle in color yet dramatic in composition, Tegwin expresses herself as though the hand of nature, the viewer, and she are one through the use of soft pastes or oil.

"Viewers say they feel as though they are in the painting and often get goosebumps or 'tears' when viewing her works. Collectors often place Tegwin's images in places of passage or reverence in order to get centered and to feel uplifted and fulfilled. If you want to know about Tegwin, view her artworks, her studies, drawings, paintings, and photography. Rarely speaking about her work itself, she redirects the conversation to the beauty, events, and activities of nature, taking you on a journey of time, place, and relationship. Art is soulful and personal, and she invites her viewer to interpret and discover for themselves, finding their own relationship within the images and within themselves."

To Tegwin, " Art IS Everything”!